ClosE Charismatically

Close Charismatically
Your Roadmap to Selling on Camera

Welcome to Your 3-Video Series!

I'm excited to show you how to prepare your voice for charismatic closing.

Simply watch the introduction below and follow along with each video to quickly and radically improve your sales voice - and your sales results!


Video One Diaphragm

Video Two Resonance

Video Three Projection

What Happens Next?

As you can see, voice preparation is a critical preparation that sales professionals use every time they present on camera. These principles allow you to consistently show up as your best sales self so you can charismatically close more deals.

I will be sending you more useful information and updates by email but if you have a sales-related project coming up or an urgent need for more hands-on training with me, you might be ready to fast-track your progress with a Charisma Chat with Howard. On the chat you will:

  • Gain total clarity on your sales steps and priorities.
  • Agree what success looks like for you. HINT: the beauty of sales training is that success can be accurately tracked and measured.
  • Mutually agree your next best step.

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