Howard Whiteson

How The Charisma Coach Became The Man He "IZ" Today!

At the tender age of 9, in Portobello Road Market, London, I sold antiquarian maps and prints to wily dealers, collectors, and tourists. Many of these good folk considered it acceptable to haggle over the price with me, an innocent little kid.  

As time passed, I saw similar patterns in their strategies. I put together a “framework of charm,” velvet on the outside but iron on the inside. After that, nobody received one penny over the standard trade discount.
Charisma is born…  

By age of 15, I was appearing on TV Channel 15 in Chicago as a close-up card magician. On Sky News, I wowed the anchor with some rather cool card tricks. In London, I even fooled Michael Jackson with ace magic effects. Since then, I've had the privilege of acting alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins, Piers Brosnan, and Shakespearean actor Hugh Quarshie.  

Between acting gigs, I toured the globe as a charisma trainer. I worked with famous actors, industry leaders and business professionals at corporations, as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Five years ago, fate called me online. Hosting or guesting on webinars, making lives and pre-recorded material on camera – my aim always to inspire, to educate, to entertain. To serve people in the best possible way. I now inspire Senior Leaders at Apple, educational facilitators at New Zenler, coaches and entrepreneurs from America, Europe, the UK, Australia and China to use their charisma to persuade and engage teams and audiences to a whole new level. Online and offline.

I can help you too!


I feel truly blessed to bring my life’s work to those who want to cut through noise and express their inimitable truth. By uniting your passion with your expertise, you can engage, educate and enrapture on camera.

These days, I unlock all the nuances of charisma on camera, opening doors of power, persuasion and passion so every presentation becomes unique, memorable and deeply convincing.

Here's another way of putting things: let's put the IZ into your BIZ! What do I mean by that?

Well, when you can bring your best business self to the camera, you can be spontaneous but structured, banish cliches and embrace originality,  dance with agility in today's fast-moving world.

Let's chat about how your charismatic camera journey can evolve...