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Once charisma is unpacked into key pillars, each of which can be learned through 100% practical means, it emerges as naturally as a flower from fertile soil.
The key is to know how to prepare, nurture and sustain that soil.
That's exactly what I've dedicated decades to deciphering!

Clients have come to Howard with problems they've had for years. He's solved them not in months but in minutes!
Obviously, not every challenge can be so quickly solved. To a large extent, it depends on the challenge and your willingness to attack it, often by using methods that are unusual.
Provided you are willing to go out on a limb, we will find a solution for you.

Most of the top performers in the world are ...
Howard himself is an introvert.
What he's learned to do, and what he unlocks for others, are the nuances of charisma on camera. These include how to adopt your best business self every time you go on video. With that methodology behind you, you can shine as brightly as the biggest superstars on the planet!

Do you have an urgent need to fast track your sales? If so, apply for a Sales Charisma Diagnostic Call
During our call you will:
-- Gain clarity on your primary online sales challenge
-- Receive my expert guidance on how to overcome your challenge
-- Mutually agree your next best step